We produce space design to decorate your store or commercial facility with “DRY BONSAI” art.

The lighting gives the “DRY BONSAI”pieces a wonderful presence.

The life force of bonsai is very powerful. Just looking at it gives you the power to live.

Capusele toy style DIY kit

The cliff style “DRY BONSAI” is very rare.

It is beginning to be used not only in Japan but also in the world.


“DRY BONSAI” is a new style of bonsai that is maintenance free, easy, non-withering, and beautiful.

Introducing Shigeo Fujita, Art Bonsai Artist

Bonsai, a traditional Japanese culture with a high profile, is now more accessible.
Meet Shigeo Fujita, the inventor of a new style of bonsai.