S-01 DRY BONSAI (Gift Box)

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No : S-01

Title : DRYBONSAI Gift box

Product Description ----------------

  • Weight : about 0.8㎏
  • Size (width) : 25㎝
  • Size (depth) : 15㎝
  • Size (height) : 30㎝
  • Tree species : ”shinpaku” ,pine tree etc.Various bonsai trees
  • Foliage : Procambens aurea(Preserved Processing)
  • Bowls & Frames : Various Vessels of pottery(Kiyomizu yaki)
  • Inside of the bowl : Black or white or red or green etc. Solidified pebbles


Feature : Art bonsai created with natural materials by a skilled bonsai artist who carefully selects each bonsai tree, branch and leaf, and pot (Kiyomizu-yaki pottery).We put it in a nice packaging box.
Comments : The products are specially assorted. In addition, no two bonsai artworks are ever the same, as they are made of natural materials. The finished art bonsai is approximately 280 mm high. Please look forward to seeing what kind of products you receive! They are also very popular as gifts and celebrations for new openings of a store. Display it in your room as a soothing remedy for your soul.