DRY BONSAI (R403-04)

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No. : R403-04

Title : 根上り/NEAGARI(The roots are going up.)


Product Description -----------------

    • Weight : 1.3kg
    • Size (width) : 38cm
    • Size (depth) : 26cm
    • Size (height) : 43cm
    • Tree species : goyomatsu(Japanese white pine)
    • Age of a tree : Approximately 20 years
    • Foliage : Procambens aurea (Preserved Processing)
    • Bowls & Frames : Sake cup (plastic), painted in silver stone
    • Inside of the bowl : Solidified black jade stone


      Feature : A very auspicious and Japanese favorite style called Neagari. It also matches perfectly with the sake cup-shaped vessels.

      Comments from the author : All DRY BONSAI are produced from dead bonsai under the SDGs concept. The approximately 20 years old "goyomatsu" , which lived for many years, is completely dried and carefully matched with preserved plants. See the artistic premium DRY BONSAI® as a special art, objet d'art, or interior decoration requiring no maintenance.