DRY BONSAI (R403-02)

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No. : R403-02

Title : Moyougi(pattern wood)


Product Description -----------------

Weight : 3.5kg
Size (width) : 38cm
Size (depth) : 32cm
Size (height) : 47cm
Tree species:Shinpaku
Age of a tree:Approximately 20 years
Foliage : Procambens aurea (Preserved Processing)
Bowls & Frames : bonsai bowl
Inside of the bowl : Solidified black jade stone


Feature : Dry Bonsai® with Shari bonsai technique applied.The form of the branches are of high value and attractive.

Comments from the author : All DRY BONSAI are produced from dead bonsai under the SDGs concept. The approximately 20 years old "shinpaku", which lived for many years, is completely dried and carefully matched with preserved plants. See the artistic premium DRY BONSAI® as a special art, objet d'art, or interior decoration requiring no maintenance.