S-02 DRY BONSAI (Variety box of 6 gift capsules )

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No : S-02

Title : DRYBONSAI Variety box of 6 gift capsules

Product Description ----------------

  • Weight : about 0.7㎏(One capsule weighs 0.08 kg.)
  • Size (width) : 32㎝(One capsule is 10cm in size)
  • Size (depth) : 21.5㎝(One capsule is 10cm in size)
  • Size (height) : 11㎝(One capsule is 10cm in size)
  • Tree species : ”shinpaku”, pine tree, etc. Various bonsai trees
  • Foliage : Procambens aurea or “shinpaku” (Preserved Processing), nandina nut (resin)
  • Bowls & Frames : pottery(Small bonsai pots)
  • Inside of the bowl : styrofoam and dry moss
  • accessory : capsule, bond, tweezers, spatula, process document


Feature : Your own ornamental bonsai kit made from real bonsai branches and leaves! Including the fixed position of the tree and pruning of the foliage, the arrangements are endless. The height when completed is about 120 mm. Enjoy a small, pretty art bonsai.

Comments : Instructions on how to make the small art bonsai are included in the capsule. There are four main types of products. The branches and leaves are made from natural materials and no two are the same in colour or shape. It is also an ideal gift.