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No. : 5039

Title : 祝/IWAI(celebration)


Product Description ----------------

  • Weight : 1.2kg
  • Size (width) : 43cm
  • Size (depth) : 28cm
  • Size (height) : 35cm
  • Tree species : pine tree
  • Age of a tree : Approximately 10 years
  • Foliage : Procambens aurea (Preserved Processing)
  • Bowls & Frames : resin vessel painted in a stone-like silver color
  • Inside of the bowl : Solidified black jade stone


Feature : Black boulders are laid and set in the inner ring of the sake cup shaped vessel.

Comments from the author : All DRY BONSAI are produced from dead bonsai under the SDGs concept. The approximately 10 years old pine tree, is completely dried and carefully matched with preserved plants. Furthermore, this model is to be set with stones and enjoyed in special vessels. See the artistic premium DRY BONSAI® as a special art, objet d'art, or interior decoration requiring no maintenance.