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No. : 5028

Title : 躍動/YAKUDOU(lively motion)


Product Description ----------------

  • Weight : 1.0 kg
  • Size (width) : 43cm
  • Size (depth) : 36cm
  • Size (height) : 54cm
  • Tree species : Shinpaku
  • Age of a tree : Approximately 10 years
  • Foliage : Procambens aurea(Preserved Processing)
  • Bowls & Frames : Glass vase painted in a stone-like silver color
  • Inside of the bowl : Solidified black jade stone


Feature : This is a special piece of art with a jin/shari on the main body of the bonju.

Comments from the author : All DRY BONSAI are produced from dead bonsai under the SDGs concept. The approximately 10 years old "shinpaku", is completely dried and carefully matched with preserved plants. Furthermore, the jin/shari technique has been applied to create a special piece of art. See the artistic premium DRY BONSAI® as a special art, objet d'art, or interior decoration requiring no maintenance.